marți, 26 iunie 2012

Help!!! I’m not a superwoman!?

Let me take you to a ride to an imaginary story...
At work, you are trying to prove you are the best, to solve everything is expected from you and more beyond, to be the best in everything you do and manage all the situations with professional excellence.
At home, you are trying to be the best mother and wife, the best support for your family, to show them that nothing is impossible for you when it comes to prove who are the most important people in your life.
In your social life, you are showing to be a positive person, supportive to your friends, assuring them that you are there no matter what and that you can and will help them if they need you.
And even if you are struggling to be the best in all  the areas of your life, something is not good enough; you are not satisfied with the results. You don’t receive the positive feedback you are expecting or don’t achieve the objectives you proposed for yourself at work; because you work too hard, you have very limited time to be with your child and family, so you are trying to compensate this, spending with them all the free time you have. Your friends are getting tired to be refused when they are asking you to spend time with them and are not inviting you anymore, till they become just people you know.
And then… crash. Something is happening and you cannot continue to be the perfect woman you intended to be. You are consuming all your energy and your body cannot take you anymore in this spectacular ride of a superwoman.
Do you recognize yourself in this picture? Did it happened to you? If yes, take a break. Stop for a moment and think on your life. And I mean your personal life. This is all you want? To manage everything in a perfect, unbreakable way? To be the one who solves all the problems of the world alone?
Tough perspective… and could function for a while. But not on and on and on…
But let me tell you something: you are already perfect, you don’t need to be a superwoman. You are the best mother for your child (you can ask him or her and you will see), you are the best wife for your husband (he is near you and supporting you even in this crazy ride), and probably you are very good at your work if you are consuming so much energy and time.
So… what is missing??? YOU! In all this picture, the only person you are not focusing at all is YOU. You are not giving yourself the time for your hobbies; sometimes you skip lunch because you have something more important to do, or just grab some junk food in a rush; you are not giving any attention to the small headaches, pains you may have, because you are too busy for this and anyhow you are a superwoman who cannot be stopped by some stupid illness; you are not giving yourself the possibility to rest, being all the time focused on someone else’s need.
And this is the only thing in this picture you need to fix! You need to find the balance to include all the ingredients you need in YOUR life, to find the courage to make the changes that will help you to achieve your purpose.
And courage doesn’t mean to go ahead no matter what. Courage is when you know where you want to go, you are analyzing all the pros and cons, the week and strong points, ask help where you feel you cannot manage by yourself and take actions. Asking help is not a sign of weakness; it means that you acknowledge the risks, you are assessing the options and take action towards your destination being fully aware of the road you need to pass and the people who could help you to arrive.
“Strength means recognizing that it is impossible to be strong all the time” (Sally Franser). So take the time you need for yourself, acknowledge your goals, assess your risks, search for help and do it. Now is a moment as good as any other. Don’t waste time and live the life you want!
Enjoy and shine!

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